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Promotion and Cultural Center (Houston, Texas, USA)


This project is approximately 4,000 SF of  permanent exhibition space in Indonesian consulate building in Houston, TX. The exhibition space is dedicated to show the richness of Indonesian culture and natural resources.

Indonesia is a very diverse and complex country.  It cannot be described or understood by its diversity but by what holds the country together. The design is to embrace this unity in diversity.

Indonesian unity is gained from its own version of democracy that encourage people to communicate, to exchange thoughts, and to socialize. These democratic activities can be found in spaces inside Indonesian rural and urban villages in the form of kampoong.

Kampoong is very chaotic and labyrinthine but at the same time, very human. There is no planning or order but organically grown. It contains webs of narrow alleys with open area serving as communal space similar to piazza. All buildings are oriented toward these narrow alleys and open space putting eyes on the street according to Jane Jacobs, the famous American urban planning writer of Death and Life of Great American Cities.  It possesses sensual quality by inducing people to interact to each other.

The exhibition space design represents these qualities of kampoong. The space is designed to make people curious about what is ahead to seduce them to explore further as well as having interaction between each other.  It features kampoong’s complex and labyrinthine circulation with vistas to keep visitors’ bearing intact.

With these strategies, the barrier between the exhibits and exhibition space is blurred. Visitors will feel as if they are in Indonesia and experiencing the country.