Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.



Modern architecture was born in the 1920s to bring great architecture to common people when architecture was dominated by the renaissance of classical and baroque architecture only afforded by the bourgeois society. The idea of bringing affordable architecture by stripping off ornamentations and decorations was made possible by implementing formal compositions found in the emergence of abstract paintings into architecture and providing playful and abundant daylight into buildings to promote the health and well-being of the occupants.

Unfortunately, this great idea has been slowly eroded by the search for a formalistic style. Modern architecture has now become another exclusive architectural style only afforded by the wealthy. It lost its touch with the rest of society.

It is our approach to bring this idea back to its track to provide great architecture for all people. Instead of using only formal compositions in designing, we believe in establishing abstract conceptual idea combined with careful attention to context, materials, detailing, cost, function, and pragmatism as the guiding forces toward great architecture through our creativity.

Architecture is not for selected few but for EVERYONE.


We strive to take green architectural approach beyond minimizing the embodied energy, energy usage of the building, site impact, and other sustainable strategies. We take it further into ease of maintenance, operating costs, culture and habits of the occupants, and even energy and cost of designing.

Saving energy comes hand in hand with the maintainability and operation of the building. Ease of maintenance and operation are very important design considerations to the long-term success of the sustainability goals of a project.

It is our hope to use our clients’ resources and ours responsibly, not only to save money but also to make them available to be used for others in need.


We seek to bring social justice to architecture by considering those who do not have a voice in design but interact with architecture, such as passersby, visitors, and children, to ensure they are heard.

The focus of architecture shall be problem-solving of social and user issues, in addition to environmental issues, faced by architecture and its context. It is not to satisfy the architect’s heroic formal resolution. Architects shall choose what works in addition to what looks good compositionally in their eyes.

The upper 1% can buy with their wealth, the bottom 5% are taken care of by the government. The challenge for each architect is to also serve the middle from the bottom 5% to the upper 1%. That is social justice in architecture.

It is our desire to use our resources to provide affordable architecture to those in need and those who share our beliefs.


Architecture for Everyone provides a variety of services for any size of project. To us, architecture is problem-solving regardless of size and project type. We have done a variety of project sizes from accessibility upgrade, tenant improvement, remodel, addition, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), new building, to campus design/planning and in different project types from residential, office, dormitory, church/chapel, museum, transportation, education (K-12, college/universities), and others.

We want to work with a variety of clients. It is important to us to work with those who shared our beliefs regardless of budget. We want to take part in solving the problems through design for added value in functionality and aesthetics. We value client relationships beyond the project timeline.