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Pentagon Memorial (Washington, DC, USA, Competition)


The Pentagon Memorial is designed to describe the 9/11 tragedy as the destruction of physical characteristics of built environment and human bodies but  not human spirit.  Courage, bravery, and love prevail.

The glass enclosure symbolizes the human spirit.  The trapezoid shape is exactly 1/3 of the destroyed portion of the Pentagon.  The trajectory of American Airlines Flight 77 before it hit the building is used as the dirt pedestrian path traversing this glass enclosure  into triangular and parallelogram areas.  The triangular area is for the flight 77 victims while the parallelogram area is for the Pentagon building victims.

The dirt path symbolizes the mark on the ground created by the sliding airplane.  It humbles the visitors as they approaches the memorial.  The raised colored stones raising up to the sky memorize each victim raising up to heaven while there are three deep pits on the ground symbolizes the terrorists going down to hell.  The red and blue colors are used as representation of United States.