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Terpstra (Tacoma, Washington State, USA)


This project is a series of home improvement designs for the Terpstras.  Since they are all small improvements that do not require permit, costly detailed construction drawings were not provided. Instead, detailed sketches of the design showing construction intent and dimensions were produced to allow them to fully understand the design and for contractor to construct.

The first project is a kitchen cabinet extension that morph into a hobby room built-in casework.  The hobby room has a dual function for sewing and studying.  Flow into the hobby room from the outside into the kitchen and vise versa is important to ensure the room cleanliness easily maintained.  Shoe racks and trash receptacles are located adjacent to the exterior door while small appliance drawers and cleaning tool cabinet are tucked at the corner by the kitchen doorway.

The second project is a simple awning to protect the hobby room exterior door from the weather that eventually includes a patio design.  The awning roof is intended to provide dynamic element to an otherwise symmetrical house.  The awning roof geometry allows water flowing in the gutter to come to a low point at the corner and free fall into a drainage rock.  This simple water feature can be used for the children to play in the rain during summer.  To keep the water clean, metal or polycarbonate roof is used.  Below this awning, curving concrete patio and steps are set in front of the door adding a dynamic element to the design.