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Cart (Anywhere Inside a Middle School)

The cart is a food pantry for non-perishable food items to serve the homeless students in a middle school.  It needs to be able to be moved from one room to another room or from one school to another.

The inspiration for this cart is taken from food carts in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, where vendors are selling their food items nomad around the city. To do this, the cart needs to be light and easily transported.  The solution is to use bicycle wheel because it is big enough radius with air in the tire to reduce the friction due to weight.  The design proposed provides a framework for the students to complete the construction of the real cart by incorporating their skills in art (color and finishes), math (material take offs, cost estimating), engineering (type connections, type of structure), shop (wood working, welding), and physics (figuring out center of weight and fulcrum of the wheel for the least amount of force to lift and move the cart).  The design also allows the space around the cart for eating together and socializing using the counter, awning, and benches.