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Gibson House (Moses Lake, Washington State, USA)

The site is a long and narrow site on a bluff overlooking Moses Lake. There is an existing gable roof garage/storage structure. The neighboring houses are surrounding the site fairly closely (7.5’ setbacks).

The proposed design uses the simple gable of the existing garage/storage structure as the basic form for the garage of the house which then split into two shed roofs sloping up towards the lake, forming an outdoor patio in between. One side houses the public spaces (kitchen, living, and mezzanine loft) and the other the bedrooms, including the master bedrooms and its office loft. The two sides create an inward private outdoor patio and frame the view out to the lake. Large windows are oriented towards the lake view and the patio. Smaller punch windows are located on the outer sides facing the neighbors to maintain privacy and they are used primarily for additional daylighting.

The house is located as far north as possible, close to the edge of the bluff to get the maximum view of the lake. The two shed roofs shield the house and patio from the neighbors’ view.

Due to budget constraints, typical materials found in spec houses are used, such as vinyl windows, lap siding, and asphalt shingle roof. Those materials are used creatively to achieve a modern or contemporary look but keep the house contextual with the neighbors and existing garage/storage structure.