Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Experiential Beer Garden (Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy, Competition)

Beer has always been a part of human history.  Whether it is the history of its discovery from Ancient Egypt, its commercialization, its part in the entertainment industry, its pairing with food, or its technological development, beer makes a significant contribution to human social development and interaction.  Its greatest modern era contribution inarguably is its […]

Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Bamiyan, Afghanistan, Competition)

Bamiyan is a testimony on the symbiosis coexistence of nature and human. Here nature is not conquered for human consumption in a hedonistic manner but elegantly and sustainably utilized for human comfort evidenced in its vernacular architecture and culture. Although the two are in contrast from one another, this harmony is vividly displayed in its […]

Museum of Science Fiction (Washington, DC, USA, Competition, Top Designs Selection)

Science fiction is represented by two opposing views, dystopia and utopia, and everything in between. Dystopian view is typically characterized by industrial aesthetic with its ruggedness, roughness, and raw and dark finishes while utopian view illustrated by aerodynamic and ergonomic/organic forms with its lightness and sleek finishes. These two representations are used as the basis […]

Tacoma Art Museum Extension (Tacoma, Washington State, USA, Competition)

Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) building was designed from inside.  Antoine Predock’s linear progression through the gallery works very well for the museum interior function.  This linear progression is experienced through a series of circulation ramps culminating at the upper floor balcony viewing Mount Rainier.  The building becomes an expression of the inside and a sculpture […]