Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Playhouse III

How to keep outdoor play equipment and toys neat?  Playbox is a storage structure that can be transformed into a play structure. Drawers of sandbox and toy storage are tucked underneath the ground platform.  Sliding roof and openable wall/platform extension with pulleys enclosed the upper platform.  When all the components are opened, kids can play […]

Playhouse II

This playhouse is intended to teach children our mother nature.  Water, earth and sky are the components of mother nature to be explored within the structure. Water is located on the ground floor as clear acrylic or polycarbonate pool.  Above it is earth in the form of sand box.  Again, acrylic or polycarbonate materials for […]


Children need different types of play structure to explore their interests.  Some will require more active type structure, others will be more interested in domesticated structure, while all might be attracted to something explorative or constructive.  It is equally important to allow children to be able to play together to exercise their social skills. This […]