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Tenggarong Theological Seminary Dormitory (Tenggarong, Borneo, Indonesia)


This project is intended to house a minimum of 12 dorm rooms for two students in each room. The size of the building is limited to the budget they had at the moment which is approximately $ 50,000. The building should also fit with local culture and climate. The site was not determined yet, but the building should have North-South orientation with a possibility to be put anywhere in campus.

Budget limitation drives the design to explore the use of cheap local materials, local building techniques, local strategies for climate control, and simple building layout and construction.

In addition, the building should be designed expandable horizontally and vertically fairly easy in the future. The strategy then is to use a double loaded corridor system to assure horizontal expansion and to make the roof removable to the next floor when additional floor is added.  Breaking circulation corridor with communal space is important to let  natural light come into the circulation space in the middle. The roof is constructed of concrete beams and columns with expansion joints for additional floors. Indigenous wood is used for rafters which are easily taken apart and put together again on the next level.

Tenggarong is located right along the equator in Borneo island with hot and humid climate as well as harsh sunlight.  Cross ventilation is implemented to cool the building through louvers of decorative concrete blocks on top of doors and windows to let the wind flush the hot air out.  Deep roof overhang shades the roof deck. Deep overhanging terraces and chain-link curtain walls shade the building to reduce the intensity of the sunlight coming into the building. Vines growing on the curtain walls further shade the building and provide identity for each occupant.

Interaction between occupants is encouraged through communal space on each floor. There are lounge rooms and roof deck for socializing. The roof deck is also the place for  washing and drying clothes where the water used will cool the building.