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Highline College Campus Wayfinding Concept Study (Des Moines, Washington State, USA)

Highline College campus is a horizontal campus with low buildings mostly hidden behind trees and a sea of parking surfaces making it impossible to know where to enter the campus. In addition, inadequate directional signs and building signs within campus further exacerbate the problem for new students and visitors finding the building(s) they are going to.

Learning from Las Vegas by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Steven Izenour and On-premise Sign Standards by USSC Foundation are used to solve the problem.

The concept study proposes different sign types based on viewing distance and the need to simplify the design to meet Highline College maintenance standards and budget. All proposed signs are vertically oriented to contrast the horizontal campus. They are the campus entry sign visible from the parking lot, the informational sign at the pedestrian path intersection, the directional sign between the pedestrian path intersection, and the building sign by the building entrance. Those signs work together in directing someone from the parking lot to their building entrance destination.