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Terpstra Addition/A Cloud over My House (Tacoma, Washington State, USA)

Terpstra Addition First Floor Plan B&WTerpstra Addition Second Floor Plan B&WTerpstra Addition 2 B&WTerpstra Addition 1 B&WTerpstra Addition 3 B&W

This project is a second floor master bedroom and bathroom addition to an existing two-bedroom house on a typical residential lot in Tacoma, Washington. The lot is on a slope in a dense eclectic residential neighborhood dominated by large front deck looking towards Puget Sound.

To minimize disruption to the existing house, the second floor stair access and office are located at the demolished existing mud room sandwiched by existing bedroom and kitchen. The second floor plate is positioned to span from the ridges of the existing bedroom and kitchen occupying the “valley” of the existing roof, overhanging from the supporting first floor stair access and office.

Rather than creating an addition that shouts amongst an eclectic jungle of residential styles, the addition is designed to quietly disappear into the greyness of the Puget Sound sky, where low hanging cloud and fog dominate the landscape. The addition becomes a cloud nestling over the existing house.