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The Ranch House (Yelm, Washington State, USA)


This project is a total renovation on an existing rambler on Washington State rural prairie for an avid horse riding and ranching couple.  They have a limited budget and decide to renovate and expand their house to be more functional and open to suit their needs.  The house is a typical Americana gable rambler with wood truss roof supported by low height wood stud bearing walls.

The proposed renovation is to make the existing rambler a simple, logical house.  The plan is a linear progression from service to public to private areas.  Wood trusses are exposed to allow more spacious feel in the house.  Rigid roof insulation is therefore used on top of the roof deck allowing porch structure on east and west sides of the house to be added with adequate head clearance and to allow sun control.  The simple gable roof morphs into shed roof at the carport allowing them to park their RV.

The existing rambler is transformed into a ranch house fitting for the couple’s living style and to the surrounding landscape.  It becomes distinctively contextual.