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Tree House Module (Ruins in Rural France)

NESTLING|Nature reclaims man-made ruins

Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers, and Ebaupinay are the site of abandoned man-made structures in which nature has reclaimed its place over time.  The ruins are overtaken by three distinct types of plants: the freestanding trees, the hanging vines, and the attaching epiphyte. The nest-inspired tree houses are nestling within the ruins and nature, mimicking and camouflaging like the plants.  The houses provide visitors not only a breathtaking experience of being in the ruins and seeing nature but also the feeling of inhabiting the ruins the same way as the plants.

Aerospace technology is the inspiration to bring this idea into reality.  Lightweight aluminum structure, like a fuselage, is used as the main structure of the treehouse, which is then wrapped with a polished aluminum body, blending in with the environment by reflecting the surrounding. A vacuum system is used to provide the utility for waste disposal without the need for hard piping.

The treehouse modules are envisioned with versatility in mind.  The modules could be easily adapted to any environment at each site of the pre-existing structure or in open nature.