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WWU Salish Sea Studio (Bellingham, Washington State, USA)

This project is at Western Washington University in their Fairhaven College Academic Building. The recording studio is located within the first-floor lobby of an existing 1970s concrete building, a brutalist building of the time. The recording studio consists of the main studio, voice recording room, control room, and lounge totaling approximately 1,000 square feet.

The design is inspired by the slip-in and slip-out volume within the concrete structural framework of the existing building. The proposed design deploys each room volume to fit within the existing space. One side of the volume is expressed in glass to allow visibility from the lobby, promoting the program to the public.

Each volume of the space is further identified with color and material finishes creating visual interest in the lobby. Volumetric ceiling panels further strengthen the space. Colorful curtains are added to allow privacy as needed.