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Tree House Module (Ruins in Rural France)

NESTLING|Nature reclaims man-made ruins Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers, and Ebaupinay are the site of abandoned man-made structures in which nature has reclaimed its place over time.  The ruins are overtaken by three distinct types of plants: the freestanding trees, the hanging vines, and the attaching epiphyte. The nest-inspired tree houses are nestling within the ruins and […]

Experiential Beer Garden (Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy, Competition)

Beer has always been a part of human history.  Whether it is the history of its discovery from Ancient Egypt, its commercialization, its part in the entertainment industry, its pairing with food, or its technological development, beer makes a significant contribution to human social development and interaction.  Its greatest modern era contribution inarguably is its […]

Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Bamiyan, Afghanistan, Competition)

Bamiyan is a testimony on the symbiosis coexistence of nature and human. Here nature is not conquered for human consumption in a hedonistic manner but elegantly and sustainably utilized for human comfort evidenced in its vernacular architecture and culture. Although the two are in contrast from one another, this harmony is vividly displayed in its […]

Museum of Science Fiction (Washington, DC, USA, Competition, Top Designs Selection)

Science fiction is represented by two opposing views, dystopia and utopia, and everything in between. Dystopian view is typically characterized by industrial aesthetic with its ruggedness, roughness, and raw and dark finishes while utopian view illustrated by aerodynamic and ergonomic/organic forms with its lightness and sleek finishes. These two representations are used as the basis […]

Urban Canopy (Anywhere, Competition)

The oldest shelter from the elements that human uses is a tree canopy. When a tree canopy is wide enough, a few people can gather to converse, socialize and exchange thoughts. Sunbrella products have the potential to do exactly the same in an urban setting to invigorate unused open space in the city. A simple […]

Safe Trestle (San Onofre State Beach, California, USA, Competition)

It is not difficult to design safe passage over or under the railroad tracks to the beach.  The challenge is how to give meaning to the people who use it. Whether they are surfers, nature lovers, bikers, hikers or sightseers, all should benefit from the design. Based on our observation of the existing path, it […]

Not So Empty Nest (Anywhere in USA, Competition, Honorable Mention)

In response to the challenge of livability, adaptability, and affordability, the not so empty house must be a flexible house in its programmatic elements, orientation of each of those elements and its construction phasing.  Therefore, our proposal consists of four building blocks that can be arranged according to the clients’ programmatic needs, oriented according to […]

Air Force Village Chapel (San Antonio, Texas, USA, Competition, Finalist)

The overall concept of the Air Force Village Spiritual Center is love. This word was chosen because it is the essence of religions around the globe. It is defined perhaps a million different ways yet posses a singular thread – you know it when you feel it. Our goal for this project was not only […]

Tacoma Art Museum Extension (Tacoma, Washington State, USA, Competition)

Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) building was designed from inside.  Antoine Predock’s linear progression through the gallery works very well for the museum interior function.  This linear progression is experienced through a series of circulation ramps culminating at the upper floor balcony viewing Mount Rainier.  The building becomes an expression of the inside and a sculpture […]

Playhouse III

How to keep outdoor play equipment and toys neat?  Playbox is a storage structure that can be transformed into a play structure. Drawers of sandbox and toy storage are tucked underneath the ground platform.  Sliding roof and openable wall/platform extension with pulleys enclosed the upper platform.  When all the components are opened, kids can play […]