Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Cart (Anywhere Inside a Middle School)

The cart is a food pantry for non-perishable food items to serve the homeless students in a middle school.  It needs to be able to be moved from one room to another room or from one school to another. The inspiration for this cart is taken from food carts in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, […]

Floating Wood Dinner Table

The intention is to create intriguing, ambiguous and cheap dinner table. The table is made out of ready-to-use 4” x 4” x 4’-0” wood block and steel rods.  No cutting, finishing or special joints needed.  The wood block is drilled to receive spaced evenly steel rods legs in a diagonal pattern.  This allows an illusion […]

The Just Happened Table

This table design is to pay respect to the world-renown architect, Frank Gehry, who said that building under construction is beautiful with its open wood studs and framing before it goes down hill aesthetically after being wrapped with finishes as the building construction completes. The idea of the table is to capture this notion combined […]