Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Stevens Addition (Tacoma, WA, USA, AIA Seattle 2014 Award of Honor Winner)

The Stevens are an active couple in their 70s who appreciate good architecture and design.  The husband was a chemistry professor who became a ceramic artist and the wife is a physician assistant involved in medical research. In the early 1970s they commissioned a prominent woman architect in Washington to design their house.  The house […]

Chinese Tomb (Central Java, Indonesia)

The Chinese does not only view a tomb only as a burial place to commemorate those who have passed away but also a place to gather with family members along with the departed.  It is a place to pay respect, eat together, and talk to strengthen family ties.  That is why this tomb is placed […]

Suburban House (Puyallup, Washington State, USA)

The project started as an ambition of a young architect trying to fulfill his dream to design and build his own house with a very limited budget.  The project became possible with the idea of splitting his property where his family lived and building a new house in the back accessed from the side road.  […]

Playhouse II

This playhouse is intended to teach children our mother nature.  Water, earth and sky are the components of mother nature to be explored within the structure. Water is located on the ground floor as clear acrylic or polycarbonate pool.  Above it is earth in the form of sand box.  Again, acrylic or polycarbonate materials for […]

Promotion and Cultural Center (Houston, Texas, USA)

This project is approximately 4,000 SF of  permanent exhibition space in Indonesian consulate building in Houston, TX. The exhibition space is dedicated to show the richness of Indonesian culture and natural resources. Indonesia is a very diverse and complex country.  It cannot be described or understood by its diversity but by what holds the country […]

Floating Wood Dinner Table

The intention is to create intriguing, ambiguous and cheap dinner table. The table is made out of ready-to-use 4” x 4” x 4’-0” wood block and steel rods.  No cutting, finishing or special joints needed.  The wood block is drilled to receive spaced evenly steel rods legs in a diagonal pattern.  This allows an illusion […]

Tenggarong Theological Seminary Dormitory (Tenggarong, Borneo, Indonesia)

This project is intended to house a minimum of 12 dorm rooms for two students in each room. The size of the building is limited to the budget they had at the moment which is approximately $ 50,000. The building should also fit with local culture and climate. The site was not determined yet, but […]

The Just Happened Table

This table design is to pay respect to the world-renown architect, Frank Gehry, who said that building under construction is beautiful with its open wood studs and framing before it goes down hill aesthetically after being wrapped with finishes as the building construction completes. The idea of the table is to capture this notion combined […]