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Siebert Remodel (Tacoma, Washington State, USA)

The Sieberts moved into Stevens Addition in early 2022 after purchasing it in late 2021. To accommodate their family of four with two teenagers, they needed to remodel the original house built in 1973 designed by Jane Hastings, FAIA to accommodate an additional bedroom and a bathroom for their daughter. They decided to remodel the […]

WWU Salish Sea Studio (Bellingham, Washington State, USA)

This project is at Western Washington University in their Fairhaven College Academic Building. The recording studio is located within the first-floor lobby of an existing 1970s concrete building, a brutalist building of the time. The recording studio consists of the main studio, voice recording room, control room, and lounge totaling approximately 1,000 square feet. The […]

Lara DADU (Tacoma, Washington State, USA)

The goals of the project as set by the owners are unifying the existing house and detached garage, not replicating the existing house due to cost, having a storage loft, a patio, and additional off-street parking for the Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU). To respond to these goals, a simple concept is deployed. The existing […]

Choice Cardiovascular (Gig Harbor, Washington State, USA)

Choice Cardiovascular is a small practice for a cardiologist to start his independent practice.   It is a tenant improvement project in an existing medical building with limited budget. The design uses the form of a human heart, an inverted pear shape, to organize the space.  This inverted pear shape area defines the public areas […]

Promotion and Cultural Center (Houston, Texas, USA)

This project is approximately 4,000 SF of  permanent exhibition space in Indonesian consulate building in Houston, TX. The exhibition space is dedicated to show the richness of Indonesian culture and natural resources. Indonesia is a very diverse and complex country.  It cannot be described or understood by its diversity but by what holds the country […]