Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Post COVID-19 Multipurpose Building and Space Studies (Anywhere in USA)

Architecture for Everyone was asked by a contractor to do a series of quick design studies to anticipate future projects after COVID-19 pandemic. It started as a pre-manufactured steel building but then it quickly morphed into redefining surplus of existing commercial space. COVID-19 devastates the world in so many ways but it also allows us […]

Benteng Tinggi Dormitories (Near Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Benteng Tinggi Dormitories is located within Benteng Tinggi campus retreat compound at the foothill of a mountainous area in South Sulawesi province in the eastern part of Indonesia.  It is sited on three relatively flat areas on campus surrounding a nearby chapel, a soon-to-be-renovated office building, and a recently-built caretaker house. Each building is oriented […]

Benteng Tinggi Chapel (Near Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Benteng Tinggi Chapel is located on the eastern part of Indonesia on an idyllic retreat compound up at the foot of the nearby mountain.  The existing chapel was destroyed but the foundation remains intact and in good condition.  The new chapel is to be built on this existing foundation about 8 meters by 18 meters.  […]

Chinese Tomb (Central Java, Indonesia)

The Chinese does not only view a tomb only as a burial place to commemorate those who have passed away but also a place to gather with family members along with the departed.  It is a place to pay respect, eat together, and talk to strengthen family ties.  That is why this tomb is placed […]

Air Force Village Chapel (San Antonio, Texas, USA, Competition, Finalist)

The overall concept of the Air Force Village Spiritual Center is love. This word was chosen because it is the essence of religions around the globe. It is defined perhaps a million different ways yet posses a singular thread – you know it when you feel it. Our goal for this project was not only […]

Pentagon Memorial (Washington, DC, USA, Competition)

The Pentagon Memorial is designed to describe the 9/11 tragedy as the destruction of physical characteristics of built environment and human bodies but  not human spirit.  Courage, bravery, and love prevail. The glass enclosure symbolizes the human spirit.  The trapezoid shape is exactly 1/3 of the destroyed portion of the Pentagon.  The trajectory of American […]

Elim EFC Church Cross (Puyallup, Washington State, USA)

The project is to replace an existing dilapidated wooden cross with a new one that expresses the meaning of the cross. The design is based on the scripture taken from the book of Isaiah’s description of Christ. The proposed cross is made of a perforated rusting steel to express the humility of Christ.  The cross […]