Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Stevens Addition (Tacoma, WA, USA, AIA Seattle 2014 Award of Honor Winner)

The Stevens are an active couple in their 70s who appreciate good architecture and design.  The husband was a chemistry professor who became a ceramic artist and the wife is a physician assistant involved in medical research. In the early 1970s they commissioned a prominent woman architect in Washington to design their house.  The house […]

Terpstra (Tacoma, Washington State, USA)

This project is a series of home improvement designs for the Terpstras.  Since they are all small improvements that do not require permit, costly detailed construction drawings were not provided. Instead, detailed sketches of the design showing construction intent and dimensions were produced to allow them to fully understand the design and for contractor to […]

Not So Empty Nest (Anywhere in USA, Competition, Honorable Mention)

In response to the challenge of livability, adaptability, and affordability, the not so empty house must be a flexible house in its programmatic elements, orientation of each of those elements and its construction phasing.  Therefore, our proposal consists of four building blocks that can be arranged according to the clients’ programmatic needs, oriented according to […]

Suburban House (Puyallup, Washington State, USA)

The project started as an ambition of a young architect trying to fulfill his dream to design and build his own house with a very limited budget.  The project became possible with the idea of splitting his property where his family lived and building a new house in the back accessed from the side road.  […]

Tenggarong Theological Seminary Dormitory (Tenggarong, Borneo, Indonesia)

This project is intended to house a minimum of 12 dorm rooms for two students in each room. The size of the building is limited to the budget they had at the moment which is approximately $ 50,000. The building should also fit with local culture and climate. The site was not determined yet, but […]