Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Highline College Campus Wayfinding Concept Study (Des Moines, Washington State, USA)

Highline College campus is a horizontal campus with low buildings mostly hidden behind trees and a sea of parking surfaces making it impossible to know where to enter the campus. In addition, inadequate directional signs and building signs within campus further exacerbate the problem for new students and visitors finding the building(s) they are going […]

Post COVID-19 Multipurpose Building and Space Studies (Anywhere in USA)

Architecture for Everyone was asked by a contractor to do a series of quick design studies to anticipate future projects after COVID-19 pandemic. It started as a pre-manufactured steel building but then it quickly morphed into redefining surplus of existing commercial space. COVID-19 devastates the world in so many ways but it also allows us […]

Urban Canopy (Anywhere, Competition)

The oldest shelter from the elements that human uses is a tree canopy. When a tree canopy is wide enough, a few people can gather to converse, socialize and exchange thoughts. Sunbrella products have the potential to do exactly the same in an urban setting to invigorate unused open space in the city. A simple […]

Safe Trestle (San Onofre State Beach, California, USA, Competition)

It is not difficult to design safe passage over or under the railroad tracks to the beach.  The challenge is how to give meaning to the people who use it. Whether they are surfers, nature lovers, bikers, hikers or sightseers, all should benefit from the design. Based on our observation of the existing path, it […]

Pentagon Memorial (Washington, DC, USA, Competition)

The Pentagon Memorial is designed to describe the 9/11 tragedy as the destruction of physical characteristics of built environment and human bodies but  not human spirit.  Courage, bravery, and love prevail. The glass enclosure symbolizes the human spirit.  The trapezoid shape is exactly 1/3 of the destroyed portion of the Pentagon.  The trajectory of American […]

Martin Luther King Junior Memorial (Washington, DC, USA, Competition)

MLK’s writings and speeches are the most important artifacts we inherited from him.  His words are so profound and powerful. The challenge for the monument design is how to create a space where people can read MLK’s words and being induced to act and to realize his dream. The design proposes four layers of glass […]