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Highline College Campus Wayfinding Concept Study (Des Moines, Washington State, USA)

Highline College campus is a horizontal campus with low buildings mostly hidden behind trees and a sea of parking surfaces making it impossible to know where to enter the campus. In addition, inadequate directional signs and building signs within campus further exacerbate the problem for new students and visitors finding the building(s) they are going […]

Bryant Montessori School (Tacoma, Washington State, USA)

Architecture for Everyone teamed up with Skanska/TCF Architecture as an architecture consultant to the TCF Architecture design team. Architecture for Everyone contributes to the overall design quality of the project from site design, the conception of the idea, massing study, development of design, and construction documentation, including quality assurance and quality control. The project has […]

WWU Salish Sea Studio (Bellingham, Washington State, USA)

This project is at Western Washington University in their Fairhaven College Academic Building. The recording studio is located within the first-floor lobby of an existing 1970s concrete building, a brutalist building of the time. The recording studio consists of the main studio, voice recording room, control room, and lounge totaling approximately 1,000 square feet. The […]

Post COVID-19 Multipurpose Building and Space Studies (Anywhere in USA)

Architecture for Everyone was asked by a contractor to do a series of quick design studies to anticipate future projects after COVID-19 pandemic. It started as a pre-manufactured steel building but then it quickly morphed into redefining surplus of existing commercial space. COVID-19 devastates the world in so many ways but it also allows us […]