Architecture is not for selected few but EVERYONE.

Gibson House (Moses Lake, Washington State, USA)

The site is a long and narrow site on a bluff overlooking Moses Lake. There is an existing gable roof garage/storage structure. The neighboring houses are surrounding the site fairly closely (7.5’ setbacks). The proposed design uses the simple gable of the existing garage/storage structure as the basic form for the garage of the house […]

Tree House Module (Ruins in Rural France)

NESTLING|Nature reclaims man-made ruins Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers, and Ebaupinay are the site of abandoned man-made structures in which nature has reclaimed its place over time.  The ruins are overtaken by three distinct types of plants: the freestanding trees, the hanging vines, and the attaching epiphyte. The nest-inspired tree houses are nestling within the ruins and […]

Post COVID-19 Multipurpose Building and Space Studies (Anywhere in USA)

Architecture for Everyone was asked by a contractor to do a series of quick design studies to anticipate future projects after COVID-19 pandemic. It started as a pre-manufactured steel building but then it quickly morphed into redefining surplus of existing commercial space. COVID-19 devastates the world in so many ways but it also allows us […]

Cart (Anywhere Inside a Middle School)

The cart is a food pantry for non-perishable food items to serve the homeless students in a middle school.  It needs to be able to be moved from one room to another room or from one school to another. The inspiration for this cart is taken from food carts in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, […]

Experiential Beer Garden (Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy, Competition)

Beer has always been a part of human history.  Whether it is the history of its discovery from Ancient Egypt, its commercialization, its part in the entertainment industry, its pairing with food, or its technological development, beer makes a significant contribution to human social development and interaction.  Its greatest modern era contribution inarguably is its […]

The Ranch House (Yelm, Washington State, USA)

This project is a total renovation on an existing rambler on Washington State rural prairie for an avid horse riding and ranching couple.  They have a limited budget and decide to renovate and expand their house to be more functional and open to suit their needs.  The house is a typical Americana gable rambler with […]

Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Bamiyan, Afghanistan, Competition)

Bamiyan is a testimony on the symbiosis coexistence of nature and human. Here nature is not conquered for human consumption in a hedonistic manner but elegantly and sustainably utilized for human comfort evidenced in its vernacular architecture and culture. Although the two are in contrast from one another, this harmony is vividly displayed in its […]

Terpstra Addition/A Cloud over My House (Tacoma, Washington State, USA)

This project is a second floor master bedroom and bathroom addition to an existing two-bedroom house on a typical residential lot in Tacoma, Washington. The lot is on a slope in a dense eclectic residential neighborhood dominated by large front deck looking towards Puget Sound. To minimize disruption to the existing house, the second floor […]

Museum of Science Fiction (Washington, DC, USA, Competition, Top Designs Selection)

Science fiction is represented by two opposing views, dystopia and utopia, and everything in between. Dystopian view is typically characterized by industrial aesthetic with its ruggedness, roughness, and raw and dark finishes while utopian view illustrated by aerodynamic and ergonomic/organic forms with its lightness and sleek finishes. These two representations are used as the basis […]